DigiScan is singularly devoted to being the highest-quality digital conversion service provider in the UK.  

We believe that by combining our passion for people, our love of the digital arts and industry best practices, we have created the most efficient, safe and cost-effective platform for both personal and commercial media conversion needs.

Our Digital Conversion Services Includes:  
  • All types/ formats of consumer Video Tape: VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Hi8, Digital8, Video8, miniDV SD/HD, MicroMV
  • All types/ formats of commercial Video Tape: BetacamSP/SX, Digital Betacam, HDV, DVCPro SD/HD, DVCAM, DV,U-matic, Open Reel, Digital-S/ D9
  • All International standards: NTSC, PAL, SECAM
  • All file (output) format options: AVI, AVCHD, Blu-ray, DVD, H.264, MOV, MPEG, MFX, Quicktime, uncompressed 8-bit, 10-bit, Apple Pro-Res
  • Film Reels: 8mm, Super8, 16mm
  • Slides & Negatives: 35mm & 120mm
  • Photos: All sizes & quantities
  • Photo Albums: Full photo album scanning without having to remove either photos or pages
  • Editing: Video & Photo editing
  • Documents: Personal documents, children’s artwork
  • Audio: Compact Cassette, Mini Cassette, Micro Cassette, Mini Disc, Record/ LP, Reel to reel
  • Ultra-safe process/ infrastructure:
    • All transfers performed in-house
    • All physical media is kept in secure storage
    • We utilise the highest-quality digital conversion hardware and software technology currently available with a custom built 3-layer back-up system for completely secure digital storage
  • 10-15 business day turn-around for conversion services; we can accommodate “rush” orders.
  • Absolutely NO HIDDEN FEES


When you send your negatives off to a negative scanning service, you expect them to be treated carefully. At DigiScan, we understand that!


Negatives require extremely gentle handling, and even something as simple as identifying the right side to scan (i.e., the emulsion side) takes a trained touch. And we never run your negatives through some automated correction process, where a piece of software guesses its way through a batch of your most important memories. All too often, however, that’s just what other services do.


At DigiScan, we think there’s a better way.....


We think that every single negative you send us, frame by frame, should be examined by a highly trained technician with a good eye and a terrific set of hands. That’s why we’ve designed our service from the ground up around the idea of a technician individually processing and correcting your images as needed.


Essentially every image we receive requires some correction for the effects of time, since color negatives inevitably shift color and scratch over time (unless you’ve stored them in archival-quality, subzero conditions). For every negative we receive, we will manually perform:



At DigiScan, we don’t do your video transfer by simply inserting your video tape into a machine and coming back when it’s finished! Instead, every video tape is viewed and edited by a dedicated technician, who gives your memories the attention they deserve.  

In short, for our standard level of service, a technician will spend approximately up to 2 hours per video tape addressing all of the issues below, and then some. Just as with our industry leading photo-scanning service, this handcrafted attention to your memories is the only way to ensure quality. For each video tape we perform:


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DigiScan Ltd,Suite 128,Bridge House,7 Bridge Street,Taunton,TA1 1TG.

Telephone: 0844 310 0050 Email:

DigiScan is built upon the virtues of honesty, integrity, trust and respect.

Our business model embodies “old school values” with leading-edge technology and business practices allowing us to provide our clients with a totally personalised service that emphasises both quality and value.  We are exclusively focused on being the highest-quality provider of media conversion and archiving services nationally. We operate under a fully integrated ‘lean’ business model utilising industry best practices for providing low-cost/high-value digital solutions to the commercial, institutional and retail marketplaces.

Our infrastructure has been purpose-built to (1) mitigate all potential risks associated with the handling and processing of a high volume of multiple media formats and (2) ensure the delivery of a best-quality digital solution fit to the client’s specific requirements. Our methodology is based upon dedicated conversion and archiving experience coupled with years of leading-edge corporate experience resulting in the creation of what we believe is the “best in class” provider of these services in the UK.

While we are happy to provide you with a DVD/ BluRay/ CD version of your media, you should know that these types of “containers” have an average life span of 7 – 10 years before they begin to chemically decompose (resulting in the corruption of the data on the disc), notwithstanding the inherent risk of actual loss or damage to the “container” itself. As we transition into the digital age these formats are quickly becoming impractical and will eventually become obsolete. If you want to be able to easily share, edit, and make unlimited copies of your media, regardless of the type, then you require the digital file(s) for your computer.

Each individual piece of media we convert (video tape, audio tape, 8mm/16mm film, photo/negative/slide) becomes a unique digital file that can be returned to you on either a data disc, USB, external hard drive, or via dropbox/ the cloud. We keep a copy of your digital files on our backup servers for 30-days post completion providing an additional layer of safety for both you and us. Of course, we are happy to transfer your digital files to one of your devices but otherwise keep a wide variety of USB’s and external hard drives in-stock should you require.

There are a wide variety of digital file formats specific to video, audio and images and we have the capability to output to all of them:

Each format has unique characteristics that are best suited for a variety of potential needs. We will always take the time to walk-you-through the solution that makes the most sense for you – both current and future.

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We have digitised thousands of photos for many happy customers – visit our online shop to order yours today!

Most people have photographs, negatives and slides tucked away in photo-albums, boxes in the loft, etc. and they simply do not know what to do with them. With today’s technology we can digitise all of your photographs, slides, and negatives. They can be restored, viewed and shared as easily as turning on your computer or TV.

DigiScan provides professional, high-resolution slide, film, and photographic print scanning services at affordable prices. We scan virtually all film types using the latest professional grade scanning equipment, from 16mm microfilm to 4×5 inch large format film.


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We have flexible delivery options to suit you..

  • Standard Delivery – within 5 working days

  • Next Working Day Delivery – if ordered before 12 noon

  • Delivery hours are between 8am-8pm, Monday-Friday.

Next day delivery to some postcodes such as Northern Ireland & outlying areas may not be available. Next Day Delivery service is not available on selected items due to their size or weight. During our “sales” periods, some deliveries may take slightly longer than usual. We shall, however, endeavor to get your items delivered as soon as possible.

Remember to email us BEFORE sending your package – this allows us to schedule your work. Don’t be surprised if your goods are returned in a second hand box – we believe in recycling!


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We regularly run special offers!

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DigiScan Ltd, Suite 128, Bridge House, 7 Bridge Street, Taunton, TA1 1TG. Tel: 0844 310 0050